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Starting to learn Python At 40


In this blog I will try to learn python by following this video course provided by "Mosh Hamedani". And those are some of exercises I created after watching the first 30 minutes.

full_name = input('enter ur name ')
dob = input("enter ur birth year ")
age = 2020 - int(dob)
weight_lbs = input("ur weight_lbs ")
weight_kg = int(weight_lbs) * 0.45
print('welcome ' + full_name + ' ur ' + str(age) + ' yrs old now, and ur ' + str(weight_kg) + ' Kg, thank u ... :)!')


titleq = "generate a type of animal from this random string 'dkmieopzvkjqxcg' "
chz = "dkmieopzvkjqxcg"
print('answer is ' + chz[0]+chz[5]+chz[14])


I hope I am doing well so far ...


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Learning Python Coding Age 40 Day 3

Hello it is me again,

I am still following the video by "" which teaches you python as a beginner.
The previous post I spent 2 days to practice, and now is the third day on learning python.

I learnt some about methods and formatting a string in python.
Below is an example, please run it ...

stats = 'this is me learning python at 40'
print(stats.replace('learning', 'coding'))
print('Python' in stats)
print('python' in stats)
I wish I am doing good so far ... I will be more than happy if you leave a comment below.